Love Lasts

Originally posted February 8, 2011.

Once there was a boy. He was a tall, super skinny, long haired, brilliant rock star poet. He was passionate about everything.

Once there was a girl. She was the sheltered, sweet, quiet small town type. She was cautious about everything.

One day the passionate boy convinced the cautious girl to be brave. He taught her how to love.

Soon the boy and girl were married. They were set to conquer the world.


The boy gave up his long hair and provided for his family. The girl grew to love him even more.

The girl gave up her teenaged figure and gave him children. The boy grew to love her even more.

As the years passed, things happened to the boy and girl. They fought, they made up, they grew in mind and spirit, they learned that life is hard and life is wonderful, they welcomed babies and cried over babies lost.

The boy and girl learned that life goes fast, that teething babies and graduations and accidents and intentions are all just dreams that grow a little blurry with time. And they determined that they would love every moment.

Sometimes, if you drive past their tiny house at night, you can see the passionate boy and the cautious girl dancing with their children. They are happy. Love lasts, they say. And it does.


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